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Mission of ChangCe Thinktank 长策智库简介

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Founded in 2009, ChangCe Thinktank ( is a new type of non-governmental think tank working in two policy areas: Green (energy, climate change, environment, resources) and Public Service (healthcare reform, public health, taxation, infrastructure). Specialized in policy research and policy-making process participation, We are dedicated to provide professional policy designs and institutional solutions to “institutional entrepreneurs” in the “idea market”.

Our recent partnership and clients include: Central Government such as NDRC and MIIT, International Organizations and Foundations such as World Bank, Energy Foundation, and Ford Foundation, and the World Top 500 Enterprises such as GM, Pfizer, L’Oreal, Abbott, and Merck.


长策智库(ChangCe Thinktank,年在北京注册成立,是富有企业家精神的新型民营智库,专注于政策研究及政策制定过程参与,在“思想市场”上作为“制度企业家”提供专业的政策设计及制度解决方案。

长策智库聚焦于Green(能源、气候变化、环境、资源)和Public Service(教改、医改、公共卫生、财税、基础设施)两大政策领域,践行“怀长策、志公政、行公义”的价值观,搭建内部开放的专业交流对话平台,邀请政策制定者、企业家、研究专家和两会代表共同协作,通过改进和优化政策来解决现实问题。

Key Sponsors and Partners:

- National Development and Reform Commission

- Ministry of Finance

- Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

- Ministry of Housing and Rural and Urban Development

- Ministry of Health

- National Energy Administration

- Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

- World Bank

- World Health Organization

- China Development Bank

- China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment

- Asian Foundation

- Energy Foundation

- Ford Foundation

- China Center of Disease Control and Prevention

- UK Department of International Development

- UK Foreign Commonwealth Office