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Research Areas and Projects

ChangCe Thinktank’s areas of work are concentrated on the five strategic pillars: governance, economic reform, infrastructure development, climate change and energy, and public health.

ChangCe carries out government commissioned and international donor sponsored research projects surrounding the five pillars and have mobilized more than 300 top Chinese scholars and policy makers in multidisciplinary areas to provide cutting edge policy solutions. ChangCe also tries to ensure the sustained impact resulted from policy reform.

Through directly supporting policy formulation and implementation of Chinese ministries, ChangCe has successfully rejuvenated international know-how and secured international community’s support in the public policy planning process. Building on the existing synergies, ChangCe has actively formulated strategic international cooperation with multilateral and bilateral stakeholders.

A Carbon Tax Reform in China

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In addition to the local pollutants, China has also been harassed by rapid growth of global pollutants, mostly CO2

Business Models and Public Policies for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in China

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Feasible business models of charging stations include battery leasing, direct charging and slow charging.

Government Responsibilities in Smart Grid Development in China

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How to treat the development of smart grid and what roles government should play in the respect of enhancing the development of smart grid, are still in question.

Comprehensive Review of China’s Local Healthcare Reform Implementation Plans

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There are two obvious characters among the 30 provincial-level healthcare reform plans

Research on the Supply Planning of the Electric Power Industry in the 12th Five-Year Plan

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