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A Carbon Tax Reform in China

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In addition to the local pollutants, China has also been harassed by rapid growth of global pollutants, mostly CO2




A Carbon Tax Reform in China

Summary Report


ChangCe Thinktank or Sinosight Thinktank

China Research Center for Public Policy (CRCPP)


May 2010


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Section 1         Major Findings Environmental Related Taxes in China

1.         China’s Pollution Problem

1)         Local Pollutants


2)         Global Pollutants

2.         Policy Tools Available


3.         Size and Composition of Environmental Related Taxes in China

4.         The Overall Tax System is Regressive


5.         The Potential for Renewable Energy Is Limited


Section 2         Design of Environmental Taxes

1. Current Situation in China

2. The Three Principles of CO2 Taxes

1) Revenue Neutrality

2) Competitiveness Neutrality

3) Distribution Neutrality

3. Restructuring of current VAT Tax System

4. Tax Bases and Tax Rates

5. The Use of CO2 Taxes